Bible Study/Sunday School

  Bible Study/Sunday School  
Sunday School & Adult Bible Studies

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study at 9:20 am Starts January 7
Idols We Never Knew We Had

We all worship something or someone every day. In doing so, we make these objects our gods. Although many people think of idolatry as a primitive practice of ancient cultures or third-world tribes, it's as big an issue in today's Western world as it has ever been. In fact, one could argue that the idolatry we practice in the United States is more shameful and dangerous than bowing down to carved images because we don't even realize we're guilty of it. In this study participants will identify many present-day idols and be equipped by God's Word to avoid falsely worshiping them. 
Sunday Morning Sunday School 9:20 am Starts January 7
We have five different Sunday School age groups for all ages.   For those under 3, we also provide babysitting so that parents can attend Bible study.  The younger classes will have crafts/hands-on projects and music to aid them in learning the Bible lesson, and the older classes will have more discussion-led studies that will help them relate the lesson to their personal lives.

Introduction to Christianity Class Starting This Spring
Pastor Ehlke will be starting a new Introduction to Christianity Class sometime in the spring.  This is a great class for those new to St. Paul's or would like a review of the main teachings of the Bible.  Atmosphere is relaxed, and we hope this class provides a great chance to study God's Word together.  Contact Pastor Ehlke if interested in attending:    
Tuesday Evening Women’s Bible Class at 6:30 pm Starts January 9
Blessings in Disguise

Although Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5–7) is well-known, His Sermon on the Plain (Luke 6) packs a powerful message too. Although not as well-known, this sermon of Jesus is just as challenging to Jesus' followers and every bit as comforting. Unique to our Lord's sermon in Luke, His four beatitudes ("blessings") are paired with four jolting condemnations ("woes"). The four sessions of this Insight course follow the following built-in outline. Used as a tool to dig into Scripture itself, Blessings in Disguise can help today's Christians find Christ's power and encouragement.
Wednesday Morning Bible Class at 10:00 am Starts January 10
The Book of Daniel

The Book of Daniel is filled with wonderful accounts of God’s people living their faith during difficult times.  The book covers the history of the Israelites after Jerusalem was destroyed in 586 BC and follows a group of Israelites taken to a foreign land called Babylon.  This book provides fascinating and compelling stories of God’s protection and care as well as lessons for us to learn how to live our faith when faced with conflict and opposition.