Technology Instruction at St. Paul's
St. Paul’s Lutheran School provides Chromebooks, Microsoft PC’s and I-pads for students to use throughout the grade levels.  It is our goal to provide enhanced learning experiences and a variety of teaching methods by integrating technology into all areas of instruction.  Equipping students with these devices will benefit the students and school by:


  • Providing access to additional current materials for classroom use
  • Providing additional options for presentation of information in classes
  • Encouraging faculty members to reevaluate the methods of teaching in their classroom
  • Providing additional resources not normally available to both teachers and students
  • Achieving ISTE NETS standards throughout the curriculum
  • Addressing needs identified through the Accreditation process surrounding technology in the classroom
  • Allowing us to fully use systems already in place to extend the classroom such as Google Apps for Education
  • Reducing the digital divide between school and home
  • Equipping students for their future in a technology rich world
  • Training our students throughout the curriculum to show and share their faith as digital citizens in a digital world
  • Creating device uniformity across the school allowing for the technology to benefit the classroom rather than the technology impeding the education

Please click HERE to view St. Paul's Scope and Sequence for technology implementation in the classroom.


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