Grade School

  Grade School  
Kindergarten Through 8th Grade    
St. Paul’s Lutheran Grade School provides a quality Christian education to
students from Kindergarten through 8th Grade.
Our staff cares deeply about meeting a child’s academic, mental, physical and spiritual needs.
All subjects of study meet and/or surpass the State of Michigan criteria for each grade level. In addition, our students have consistently recorded above-average scores on standardization tests. Our Christian environment creates the basis for this exceptional learning.

At St. Paul’s, God’s Word is a part of all subject areas. We encourage every child to build for the future with his or her own God-given talents, reminding them that all things are done to the glory of the Lord.

St. Paul’s is a member of a nationally recognized family of Christian Education. It is part of the 4th largest private/parochial school system in the United States comprised of:
  • 409 early childhood ministries
  • 318 Lutheran elementary schools
  • 23 area Lutheran high schools
  • 2 worker training colleges
  • 2,300+ teachers
  • WELS Schools are located in 35 states and 3 foreign countries.   

St. Paul’s Lutheran School exists to provide a Christ-centered, personal, high quality education for the families of our congregation and community where students develop their God-given abilities and grow as disciples of Jesus.
All subjects taught at St. Paul’s are reviewed on a regular basis.  Each year, the teaching staff reviews each subject area and makes adjustments to better align instruction with overall curricular goals.  Additionally, St. Paul’s follows a regular review of school-wide curriculum.  This is called a curriculum study cycle.
St. Paul’s coordinates its curriculum updates with five other Lutheran grade schools and Michigan Lutheran High School.  Our schools are affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) and exist to provide an exceptional Christian education for children in Southwest Michigan from preschool through twelfth grade.
St. Paul’s curriculum is aligned to state and national standards.  Additionally, as a private school, we have the unique ability to infuse our curriculum with Christian values and align our instruction fully to the truth of God’s Word.


At St. Paul’s, students enjoy a rigorous curriculum taught from a Christian perspective.  Below are courses offered offered at St. Paul’s.  Click on each link to learn more about the instruction that takes place in each subject area.

Core Classes   

Additional Classes

  • Spanish
  • Grades 3-8 Junior Choir
  • Grade 4 Beginning Band
  • Grade 5-8 Advanced Band
  • Grade 5-8 Hand Chimes

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Michigan Lutheran High School shares our Christian education values, prioritizing them at the high school level. If you have older children, be sure to visit their website by clicking below.